Doest, thou worry even now after all the time you have outwardly professed.

Trust in the Lord, witness to the world and  give your all and nothing less?

How does the world bring to you such concern with day-to-day living my child?

Causing your mind to ponder what your fate shall be along life’s weary miles.

I, God, have made plans regarding thee afore thy conception in thy mother’s womb.

Look forward to each day, walk in sunlight rather than darkness of gloom.

For my Son very soon will return, to bring to heavens kingdom those who love,

God, the Father in heaven, who is waiting and just about ready above.

To give command for his children to come home round about his throne.

No more shall be sounds of crying, tears of pain, nor be their heard groans.

Keep thy ways in all that thou doest and lean not to thine own ways.

Believing My word year after year, month after month, day after day.

For there is prepared the most beautiful place for you to dwell in and stay.

And it shall not be long before my family of saints shall be on their way.

To dwell in heavenly mansions upon high, my Son, Jesus, has prepared for you.

Trust in God’s word, looking toward the future with eyes of faith, and view.

Author, by God’s grace, Sharon Rose Lawless

November 01, 2021

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