P A T I E N C E : M O R E    T H A N    A    N A M E

There once was a girl who found it hard to maintain her temper and it seemed

Ever so often when one ruffled her “feathers” she would let out a loud scream.

Until, seemed no longer was her tiny little lips able to let out one more shout

When upset she stomped her feet jumping up and down in a frenzy all about

Child, why do you have no patience when upset and your temper you lose

Reflect your given name stead of going bout screaming aloud like a moose

Your name is Patience, and we do believe that you could if you only would

Find it your nature, if only you tried, and truly you know that you should

Patience, I have not, mother and father, for truly I find it too hard to obtain

Just perhaps what I need to have done is a change in my birth given name

For it seems impatience is the nature of which I was born with as a babe

For to change I can not do on my own, no, it is not possible, just no way

Patient’s parents explained to their daughter how there was truly a way

That her nature could change, if only she desired enough and prayed

Believing the Lord would change her, Patience prayed for that change

So now the poem has the correct title of ‘Patience: more than a name’

We read in Luke 21:18 “But there shall not an hair of your head perish.                             

In your patience possess ye your souls.” So, patience is to be cherished

No matter your name, your soul’s nature I pray reflects patience within

For without it, one truly is bound to find life much harder my dear friend

What ere’ your name should be, this nature as well can belong to you

If your prayer to the Lord is that he changes your nature, that He will do

Putting off the old man making your once so impatient soul brand new

Jesus waits patiently at your hearts door, asking to come live within you

In this world trials and tribulations, we shall have during our lifetime

Without Christ nature lives within our hearts one day we just may find

Our old man showing itself in such an unflattering fashion that I fear

The Holy Spirit shall not find our hearts suitable any more to come near

Author,   by God’s grace,   Sharon Rose Lawless,   June 09, 2022

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