Awakening from sleep, in my mind I think, I need a canvas quickly to seek

And a thought comes into my mind, the scene you create with today’s time

The portray appearing at days end, what will it be, that at days end my eyes see

Knocking on heaven’s door, I ask and seek, this picture, that it may be complete

Then I think to stop and thank the Lord above for another day of life he gives

For allowing my heart within to beat another day, for opening my eyes again

For I know this day will be unlike none other day before, and I see an open door

To make memories and milestones and go to places I have never been before

Joys, tears, fears inner twine round about within corners deep inside my mind

Thoughts of yesteryear go about whirling round and round time after time

Picturesque visions of time stand boldly, as if here, so colorful in vision I see

Keeping alive love of others once given so free, long ago once upon a time, to me

And a smile upon my face appears that hardly a soul upon earth could erase

The gift of Jesus, my friend who like no other, sticketh closer than a brother

Given to all, on this earth whom within their heart receive the word, big or small

God’s promises he keeps, every last one my friend, you may count, He shall keep

This new day, where and how it goes, that only my God alone on high is able to know

Where he leads me, where he leaves me, he knows, it is truly He that first loved me so

You nor I that loved him first, this in His word we must believe, though our hearts hurt

Peaceful waters now once again flow within my heart Satan had thought his throw

Author, by God’s grace, Sharon Rose Lawless,

December 29, 2020

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