Author, Robert Martin Campbell: Sometimes, in our deepest time of loneliness and difficulty, it’s not the hand of a spouse, a significant other, or other human hand that can help us. There might not be a human at hand to hold and hug you, to let your tears fall on their shoulder, to help lift you up when you have fallen. But that doesn’t mean there is no one to help.

Sometimes, our greatest help and comfort, is of a heavenly nature. Angels that watch over us. Hands reached out that can only be seen with eyes of faith. Our spiritual cheerleaders. Forces longing for our success.

So if you are lonely, your heart is aching, and you long for comfort – just realize that there is a team of God’s angels surrounding you, listening to your cries, comforting you in your pain, speaking peace to your heart at storm.

If only our eyes weren’t blind to the forces and powers Christ has sent to our aid, that He dwells with us and we can rest in Him, that His Holy Spirit longs to fill our empty hearts, and that His love is always enduring, and His grace always within prayers reach… We would never lose faith.

You don’t fight this battle alone. Even if it feels like it. Even when satan and his demonic forces try to speak lies into your heart, telling you that nobody wants you – remember that Christ loves you. He sends His angels to guard and protect you. He sends His Spirit to fill you with hope and truth.

You are not alone.

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