Look in the mirror, and what do you see a reflection of

Mercy and grace of our holy Father from on high above

Unmerited favor of God for this soul’s reflection we see

Let us thank our Lord and Savior upon our bended knees

See the eyes of a soul looking back and closely observe

Ask what is it I might have said or done to possibly deserve

Gift of a new day of life on this earth of which I now dwell

I am not fit to be held worthy of anything less than hell

What reason did God have bringing me to this day I am in

What could he have been thinking to even want to send

This sinner guilty of so many audacious multiple sins

Into another day here on earth, even calling me friend

Unmerited favor toward all those that will believe

Choosing to walk in the light of his word received

Repenting of all our sins asking forgiveness we cry

Believing we receive a new life even if here we die

Nothing i do or say can ever take even one my sins away

Crimson they are and crimson forever they would stay

Were it not for the grace of my Savior who alone paid

The high price of my debt and now they are taken away

Author, by God’s grace,   Sharon Rose Lawless   March 5, 2024

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