Donkey in the well how did you get in there

I cannot see how without there were stairs

It’s so far down that I barely am able to see

What will you do, someone help him please

No one can do it; it is not possible they say

He’s too far down, in the bottom he’ll stay

Not that we don’t care, really, we do indeed

It’s just that there’s no solution we can see

So, we began to cover him up, to fill the well

Ever so sad that into the well he had fell

He was such a sweet donkey to have around

But now we must bury him deep in the ground

What’s this we see, why he’s on higher ground

With each new shovel of dirt, we pitch down

Why he’s shaking the dirt right off of his back

And I do believe he’s smiling, now that’s a fact

Lo and behold, he’s climbing over the well

And, and all I see now is the back of his tail

Because he has trotted off to the barn

And with nary a single sign of bodily harm

The moral of this tail, I would like you to see

When all hope is gone, there is hope indeed

Never give up on God bringing you to where

He wants you to be, even without any stairs

Author, by God’s grace, Sharon Rose Lawless, August 30, 2019

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