I saw a stranger in the street along life’s way.

He was knocking on people’s doors both night and day.

Asking all that would hear his voice speak.

Won’t you let me in for I am lowly and meek?

But no one would hear him their door they had barred.

And I saw the stranger crying so pitifully loud and hard.

Why don’t you want my presence within your dwelling?

And then mine own heart within my soul I found failing

Failing to comprehend the true price that this man in the street.

Had paid so that one and all might someday be able to meet.

In a paradise beyond the realm, we now live in as our present home.

To live in mansions, he is preparing in his kingdom round his throne.

Then I looked again only to see in front of my lowly eyes.

No longer was the man to be seen but something else that did fly.

Upon the apex of my heart doeth it linger within my very soul

And I must have its story to everyone i know told.

This dove’s wings have lighted not only upon my heart today.

But also, has brought the light that once had been so far away.

To the point that the glimmer of its rays now touched my very insides.

Now i am covered with Christ robe of righteousness and I am alive.

Now I ask each one this question and ask you to tell the truth.

Has this small white dove’s wings by you ever been bruised?

Did you also like I brush it aside with the sweep of your hand?

Not knowing it had been sent to you by this meek and lowly man.

Jesus said I am meek and lowly in heart and now I understand.

Mankind’s sins have burdened his load as he walked this earth’s land.

Causing him pain and suffering undeserved ore and ore again.

When all God wanted to do was walk beside us holding our hand.

Author, by God’s grace,     Sharon Rose Lawless

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