My heart has been torn into by the events I once again must endure,

Never had I felt such forlorn and emptiness on this earth.

For once again I have traveled the path I thought impossible,

The sadness within my heart causes tears within my eyes to pool.

Not long ago this scene I had been a part of and I find that it seems,

Now I am feeling as though I am somehow living within a dream.

It cannot be that one has to endure the pain within my heart,

Once again I have seen one I loved so dearly from this world depart.

How can this be that I have not once but twice so soon to have lost,

Those I hold so dearly in my life, for I cannot bear the cost.

Of a lifetime of ties that have been suddenly ripped apart,

And within my being now lies a shattered, broken and bleeding heart.

Help me this day to see how this could possibly bring anything good,

For my life I’d gladly laid down in place of my loved ones if I could.

Oh to see something worth living beyond this day that I am in,

Would be at least something to help me start living life once again.

Afar in the distance dimly I see something coming within my vision,

Is it possible that I have been given an answer to the reason.

Of why I must go on in this my journey upon this earth which I now trod,

I find myself held close to a being like none other and I know it is God.

He is telling me this is not what I had wanted for you to have endured,

For I had created mankind to live forever without a single fear or tear.

In time to come all sorrow and pain will be erased with no trace about,

Don’t give up, a mansion awaits you and yours in your Father’s  house.

Where our loved ones will gather once again in a reunion the like never before seen,

And looking back upon this life we now live in will seem but like a dream.

For the reality is, this world is but a testing ground upon which we now do trod.

A family reunion will be given like none seen before, for the children of God.

Author by God’s grace,      May 23, 2010 Sharon Rose Lawless

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